It seems that Antonio has turned his kaleidoscope: Being release is a CD that has been written by his life. Experiences and observations packed in various elements of style. Relax FM 92.4 CD Tipp

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In the case of Antonio Koudele voice and guitar blend into undividable unity. Known through his work with funk-rock outfit „Fresh Air”, Koudele has also recorded with several classical orchestras led by renowned conductors such as Sir Neville Mariner, Sir Colin Davis or Lalo Shifrin.
After he is encouraged by George Benson to form his own band in 1987, Antonio founds the „Grupo de Bossa Nova”
„The media freely describe me as ‚the guitarist and singer’. Rightly so!, I am reluctant to seperate the two concepts. When I accompany my voice on the guitar, it sounds to me as thought I were singing a duet with a second voice. And when I play an instrumental, I ex-press with the guitar precisely that which I am singing in my mind”
Both CD’s simply lifts all boundaries between styles. Here jazz-, bossa nova-, funk-, fusion-guitarist and singer Antonio Koudele smoothes all ways for himself and his music, vocal or instrumental.
„Life itself is like a kaleidoscope – and music is a part of it.”

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02.I Can’t Deny
03.Love Doesn’t Need To Hide
05.Was It Love Or Play
06.Boa Vista
07.Once Upon a Time
08.There Is No Forgetting You
09.I’m Missing You
10.Here We Go Again
11.I Can’t Deny (Reprise)

Year of production: 1997 | CD Album
Label: BSC Music GmbH © 1997 Prudence
Total length: 53:43
Genres: Pop, Jazz